Down Corn

The revolutionary design and durable build of MAYA corn heads results in running low to the ground, saving more ears and more grain;

Getting more corn
in your tank and in the bank.

The workhorse of down corn.

No matter the cause or conditions, be ready when the corn is ready.

Many variables are out of your control that causes down corn, but you can control the corn head you put to work in your fields. Don’t take a chance at how your corn head will perform in a field of adverse conditions. The MAYA corn head runs at a flat angle and only 550 RPM, making the MAYA corn head ideal when harvesting down corn, minimizing grain loss.

The MAYA Down Corn Difference.

MAYA’s down corn unit’s revolutionary design helps you pull stalks no longer attached to the ground.

Units are available in any standard row size. This unit replaces MAYA’s traditional poly snouts and bonnets and incorporates a gathering chain. Reels will never be needed on our down corn units on your MAYA Corn Head. minimizing grain loss.


The down corn unit is mechanically driven by your top gathering chain sprocket that is replaced with a beveled female coupler that the down corn unit fits into with a splined male gearbox shaft. The chain is the same gathering chain that is on the row units. The down corn unit should be greased weekly in its gearboxes.


The lateral side chain is a chain that has metal paddles that help direct corn into your row unit/auger. The lateral side chain spins and is driven off of the back drive which is the same female coupler as the down corn unit. This design replaces a traditional roller cone auger or outside auger that can be found on other corn heads. MAYA’s revolutionary design directs leaning outer row stalks back into the row unit and into the auger trough/row unit.